A green clean plus the basic ingredients for homemade cleaning products.

Let's talk about green cleaning products for a moment. I used to be a cleaner and there is no doubt that I've probably cleaned some of the grottiest houses imaginable. Yes, I've cleaned that... and that and scraped that off the bathroom wall too. When it comes to cleaning power we mainly used mainstream brands that you find in a supermarket and they worked, but we would end a job coughing and spluttering and feeling like our lungs had been scraped of their lining. Try doing that six times a day, five days a week and you'll soon want to switch to chemical free products!

I've generally used plant based cleaning products from a store, but recently I gave making my own products a go and to give credit where it's due they work just as well as the commercial brands. Sometimes it can take 5 minutes to let it work, however I never have minded putting my feet up for a moment and having a cup of tea and I've often had to do this with chemical products anyway.

A common issue with homemade products is the smell. It's not surprising that people don't want their house smelling of vinegar so I add a drop of tea tree oil or even lavender and it's wonderful. The same is true of normal cleaners with scent names like Ocean Fresh and Blossom Breeze. The reason why they have such strong fragrances is due to the awful stink of the chemicals and they smell a heck of a lot worse than vinegar.

So if you want to start with the basic ingredients for a green clean check this out:

-Liquid castille soap
-Baking soda/Bicarbonate of soda
-Soda crystals
-White vinegar
-Essential oil (Tea tree works well for an antibacterial spray)

Coming soon: Essential green cleaning product recipes.


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