Guerilla Pothole Gardening.

Based on the original Guerrilla Gardening movement of recent years, Steve Wheen has taken it to a new scale. The gardener creates miniature gardens using potholes on quiet streets, a project which is some where between artistic expression and making a point to local authorities that they should probably sort out the hole in the road.

You can follow Steve's continuing pothole gardening adventures on his blog.


love this idea! it would make walking to your destination much more intriguing -- wondering which streets have pothole gardens! might even make me change my route! :)

I have heard of this 'guerrilla gardening' before, but never seen it. Great idea at snubbing the nose at the authorities.

Came here from Meet & Greet.


Love it! Definitely a more adventurous trip around the block then seeing potholes. Following you from Reduce Footprints' Meet & Greet Monday!

~ Jordyn @ The Green House

The tennis court is hilarious!!!! Pothole season is coming up and I hope I see some of this around here.

Found you from the meet and greet!

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