Plastic Ain't My Bag and other awesome reusable shopping bags.

Last year Wales made it mandatory for shops to charge 5 pence for single use plastic bags. The first time I went to my local supermarket and forgot to take some reusable bags, I kicked myself as I handed over my money for those plastic rotters (non-rotters is probably a more fitting name). I didn't want them and I certainly didn't want to pay for the privilege. But it was my own fault. The first time I went into a clothes shop and was asked to pay for a bag I realised it was high time for a behavioural change.

Most of us have reusable bags for food shopping, occasionally we forget to pick them up on our way out. So I always keep at least a couple of the larger sturdy  bags in the boot of my car and a smaller one in my handbag. The canvas ones squish up lovely and small so they don't take up precious space and it really helps me out of a pickle when I'm being forgetful.

1. "Plastic Ain't My Bag", £7.50 from WeAreWhatWeDo; 2. The Eco Carrier Bag, £1.25 from EcoCarrierBag; 3. Fleur Rose Handheld, £2.99 from Fizbag.

I confess, the one I carry around with me is the orange "Plastic Ain't My Bag" bag, bought purely because I thought the slogan was hilarious. It's the little things in life!

What do you think about paying for single use plastic bags?



So great that they are charging for the plastic - that's the main way to create change in attitudes when it comes to plastic bags - it's too easy to lapse otherwise. Maybe one day the price will be 50p as they get rarer! Love your cloth bags!(Found your blog through the Reduce Footprints linky)

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